The world has gone bonkers. It is increasingly difficult not to fall into despair, black and white thinking, and nihilism. Like many others, I have come to the conclusion that the only way forward is to reconnect with long-lost, or at least culturally suppressed, spiritual and philosophical perspectives.

However, such perspectives by their very nature are subtle. They require coming at it from many different perspectives all at once. Those perspectives can at times seem contradictory—but we must be OK with that even while we stay on course, our vision towards the horizon.

Each of my pieces offers such a perspective and connects it to the larger picture. It is a process of clearing out some of the jungle of modernist, mainstream-conditioned thinking, a jungle so thick we often don’t even see it. My hope is that by participating in this process, some things might clear up for you, too, and that we can learn together how to navigate this strange and dangerous reality.

Out of darkness, light is born.

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