I can certainly attest to what you've written here:

"You then begin to grasp, to truly feel the culture that the language represents. You use words and expressions you had no idea you even knew. You sense the deeper meaning behind words and phrases, all those subtleties that no translation into your mother tongue could ever reveal. You feel how each expression, each word—the often-used ones in particular—has a ring to it that seems to connect you directly to the deep experience of other people over long time spans."

I've been learning Russian part-time for a few years now, and every so often I have the experience of understanding the meaning of what is said such that the logic of the language comes through quite clearly; "Oh, so *that's* why they say it this way!" Sometimes this also includes a feeling of deep connection to the culture that birthed the language, a very rewarding, enriching experience where I don't just feel that I understand Russians, I actually feel Russian.

Following on from the thesis of your post, it would be interesting to know if there were ways to create this experiential connection that don't require years of learning and struggle; like some sort of "scan" mechanism on the radio that automatically finds and tunes in the station for you? Then we could "know Kung Fu"! 😉

Great post; you're really tapping into an excellent "station" there, or so I think. 🙏

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Your posts are friggin brilliant. I love them!

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L.P. Koch, I was just listening to a playlist of 4 videos when in the last part of the 3rd video they start talking about language and how it has been dubbed with negative "spells" by the evil powers that be so that they could keep a control over us. And it was said throughout the videos I've heard that when a being keeps their energy on the level of positive then we could defeat them. And clearing up our language of the negative phrasing of how we speak will do that too. Instead of saying 'I don't want to do that' you say 'I want to do this and that.' Here's the link. I cued it to where they start talking about it. The video's are called "Navy Whistleblower"


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Extraordinarily brilliant. -- "(I might add that this concept of how language works in no way implies flawless communication all the time. In particular, people who cannot relate to a certain way of experiencing the world, for a variety of reasons, won’t be able to establish the connection; indeed, they might even “tune in the wrong station” when hearing someone speak or reading something.)"

This is just one excerpt, but oh my goodness, it tells SO much!

Yea...I did much study on language when I was around 17, 18 years old. It was music which first made me to look at it. You know how the Led Zeppelin songs were, how some people use to sing a certain phrase, but when you read the lyrics, it was something totally different. That's what got me interested in, "well, how does that work? and why is it like that?" I delved so deep I found three different meanings to one sentence, in general, not just music but in daily life itself. I then started onto the fourth level of finding another meaning but that one was very difficult to grasp. It wasn't until years later after I had done MUCH research into the knowledge of conspiracies on this planet, dealing mostly with alien infiltration. Like I had thought that Lucifer was just a fallen angel, but I found out that one too is an alien entity which infiltrated our world. And that is when I finally found that other path of language. Then I began on the fifth portion, which I've been working on now. It has to do with much higher vibrational messages/concepts/ideas. There's a place where you get to that is a pure joy feeling, and no longer are there words to describe anything. I think that would be a clarity, a pureness within, minus all those foreign implants that the negative aliens installed into us in order to feed off our energies, such as what Don Juan talks about in the Carlos Castaneda books. That then reminded me of the DNA structure, which apparently we've been disconnected from by the same negative alien species (many of them), until all we had were the basic 2 strands of DNA which made us totally focused only on the material level...you will plow the fields with sweat on the brow. But now, when opening up those avenues which they've tried to steal from us, to open up the 12 strand DNA...I have found that there are awesome avenues one can take.

But those things do not come to one who is only interested and focused on the lower material level. One has to struggle with their own doubts to overcome them, and then put effort into the claiming of one's true nature back, one step at a time. That is why when I read your post here, I am made to feel such joy and awe at your brilliance, because it just tells it all. One has to do the work though in order to hear what you are saying. And thank you for being here and saying what you say. So very appreciated.

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Oh my goodness, your post is so beautiful, it's like reading music.

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